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All our rocking horses and stands are made from renewable, plantation-grown hardwoods such as cherry, oak, beech and poplar. All the timber is kiln dried to prevent movement within the wood itself and each board is hand selected from various sources to ensure it is of the highest quality and suitability for constructing and carving our horses. Hardwoods are always used due to their intrinsic strength, durability and their sheer weight which provides maximum stability whilst riding.

Our rocking horses are all made using the very best Victorian construction techniques using mortice and tenon joints for the legs. These ensure the joint is supported on all sides providing extremely strong and durable joinery. The front legs are unusually joined at an angle giving a good 'throw' to the leg enabling beautiful flowing carving lines whilst displacing the weight more efficiently down the leg itself.

The bodies and head are laminated from many boards of timber and the body forms a hollow box just like the very best antique horses. The entire horse is made from over 20 pieces of timber all carefully chosen and cut to ensure the grain flows in the correct direction for ease of carving, strength of construction and durability.

The natural wood rocking horses are usually made from European oak or North American cherry which can be stained in various colours and then French polished for a beautiful, rich, smooth and tactile finish.

We are happy to discuss the use of other hardwood timbers from renewable sources if required.

Please visit our Natural Wood Rocking Horses section to see photographs of rocking horses in various woods.

The dappled horses are made from poplar for the heads and body and for extra strength; the legs are made from beech. We can achieve a variety of finishes for the painted horses, they can be dappled in a traditional rocking horse finish or a more natural and realistic dapple.
We have also painted piebalds, skewbalds and bays and have copied horses from customers' photographs with much success.
Please visit Traditional Dapple Rocking Horses to see more photographs.

Real horse hair is used for the manes and tails and the finest leather bridle shoulders are used to make the tack. We can offer fixed or detachable tack
(Please see Sizes and options for more details).

Our horses are available on either the Victorian safety-stand or the Georgian bow rocker. The safety-stand is very practical for smaller spaces taking up far less room than the bow rocker and requiring very little space in which to rock. The safety-stand is more popular with children as it gives a shorter and more controlled ride than the bow and provides hoof rails which enable children to climb onto the horse very easily.

The elegant bow rocker is very popular with adults (and children!) giving a longer, graceful and easy ride. The curve of our bow has been carefully designed to offer a gentle, long and stable ride whilst giving a wonderful feeling of movement through the air.

All our horses are constructed to the same high standard and all automatically include unsurpassed, in-depth carving detail. There are a few additional carving options available upon request. (Please see Sizes and options for more information).

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